A relationship can bring us happiness or distress, depending on its qualities and dynamics. This program brings a variety of guided meditation and activities designed to improve your relationship. Services offered to adolescents and adults.


  • Meditation regulates your emotions in a relationship and maintains a positive perspective by checking your feelings regularly
  • A meditation routine as part of your relationship meditation together will ensure your day starts with mindfulness
  • It allows you to appreciate yourself as is while reconnecting to your inner being and your loved one
  • It helps a person heal from the effects of a bad relationship experience in the past


  • Meditation can help you keep a positive perspective
  • It elevates empathy and compassion
  • It increases productivity, creativity, and clarity of thought
  • It encourages self-love, forgiveness, and acceptance

Explore Mindfulness Practices

Relationship with self

This exercise is designed to enhance your relationship with yourself.


Learn to treat yourself with the same care and kindness as you would give to a close friend or family member through practicing self-compassion.

Create your own self-care 'muddy water'

An activity to practice self-care.

Mindful listening with your partner

This meditation uses music to develop mindful listening skills, which can help you become more present in your interactions with your partner.

Respond instead of reacting

This meditation is designed to help you become more mindful and less reactive in your interactions with children by developing your ability to recognize your emotions and understand how they affect your behavior.

The negativity bias

Our brains have built-in negative biases through evolution. This is a natural tendency to focus on the negative rather than the positive. This was malleable and once really useful - it ensured our survival.

Gratitude - thank you

This meditation is designed to help you develop gratitude for your friends.

Gratitude - thank you letter/visit

An activity to show gratitude towards your friends.

Program introduction

A short introduction to the relationships program.

Deep listening with your partner

An activity to practice mindful listening with your partner.

Deep listening

An activity to practice mindful listening with your partner.


An activity to think about your values when parenting

Explore your strength

An activity to build more meaningful and connected relationships with family.

Empathy and compassion

This meditation is designed to help you develop empathy and compassion for your colleagues.

Yes. Meditation significantly impacts our lives and serves as a healing mechanism for different problems. It's an excellent solution for those who go through relationship struggles and do not know how to solve them.

The research highlighted three different components at the core of meditative practices and mind training. These are focused attention, open awareness, and kind intention.

Meditation can effectively reduce the levels of anxiety people experience about their relationships. It can benefit you or your partner, giving you a safe space to work through your anxious feelings and gain more clarity on identifying and maintaining a healthy relationship.

The six R's of meditation include Recognize, Release, Relax, Re-smile, Return, and Repeat. The purpose of the six R’s is to see what’s happening around you, accept it, ease any tension, and then return to kindness or happiness.

A solid reason to meditate about a relationship is its impact on your perspective. By helping you regulate your emotions, meditation can help you keep a positive perspective. You stay grateful by practicing meditation regularly.

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