Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 8th April 2022

This privacy policy governs how you use the products, contents, and services of OmniHelp, its parents, subsidiaries, and affiliates (collectively referred to as “OmniHelp”, “us”, “we”, or the “services”). By using our services, you bound yourself to the rules outlined in this privacy policy, and our Terms and Conditions. YOU ARE HEREBY ACCEPTING OUR PRIVACY POLICY, OUR TERMS & CONDITIONS, AND ARE AUTHORIZING THE COLLECTION OF DATA, USES, AND DISCLOSURES SET FORTH HEREIN. If you do not accept any of these terms, you should not access or use any of our services. This Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions expressly supersede prior contracts or arrangements with you.

Information You Will Provide To OmniHelp

When you sign up for our service or access our site, you may choose to provide us with some information. The information that you may give out depends on what services you use. It can include:

  • Your Name, Date of Birth, and Demographic Information
  • Home, Work, Billing, and/or Shipping Address
  • Email Address
  • Home and/or Mobile Phone Number
  • Passwords
  • Health, Prescription, Pharmacy, and Related Information
  • Messages or Emails from you
  • Credit/ Debit Card Information
  • Insurance Information
  • In some cases, an identification number ( e.g. driver’s license)

In case, you provide OmniHelp with the information of your spouse, children, or family and any other individual, you represent and warrant that you have permission to use and provide us the said information. By providing us the information, you are allowing us to use and share this information so that we can provide services to you, run our business (which includes analytics, internal operations, development, change, and optimization of our services and products), communicate with you, and market to you (directly or via third parties).

You are also agreeing to be contacted by OmniHelp through the mail, email, phone, or text messages at any of the addresses and phone numbers provided by you (for any purpose such as marketing). Our advertising and communications may include information regarding health, pharmacies, prescriptions, policies, offers, and related information. If you send a direct text message to OmniHelp, you are giving us express permission to receive the message, review it, and respond in the future.

Situation and scenarios in which you may provide us with such information by yourself can include (but not limited by):

  • Registering for our services
  • Signing up for alerts, communications, and promotions
  • Emailing and texting coupons to yourself
  • Requesting discounts, or specific services
  • Asking OmniHelp to transfer prescriptions to pharmacy/pharmacies on your behalf
  • Sending us communications via text, phone, chat, email, or any other means
  • Accessing medical services and healthcare visits through OmniHelp

Information Collected When You Use OmniHelp

In addition to what information you may provide to us, we or our third-party affiliates may or may not automatically (or passively) collect certain information using certain technologies. The said information may include but is not limited to:

  • Geo-location tags and information
  • IP addresses
  • Information regarding your operating system, browser, etc.
  • Pages and content that you may view at our websites
  • Information, content, and adverts you may view, hover over, or click on
  • Unique identifiers
  • Login information
  • Referral websites
  • Information regarding your mobile device
  • Cookies
  • Remarketing technology
  • Web beacons
  • Plug-ins
  • Embedded scripts

By using our services, you are allowing us to use and share this information so that we can provide services to you, run our business (which includes analytics, internal operations, development, change, and optimization of our services and products), communicate with you, and market to you (directly or via third parties).

Advertising on OmniHelp

We may or may not use the services of third-party advertising companies on OmniHelp, which run ads on our websites and content when you use our services. These companies may use the internet and information regarding our services and other websites and applications to provide advertisements about goods and services you might be or might not be interested in. We follow Digital Advertising Alliance principles when advertising. OmniHelp is not responsible for the content, language, expression, or medium utilized by these companies in order to advertise to you. We do not endorse or perpetuate the services of any said companies. All views, opinions, and expressions shared by the said adverts are the responsibility of the third parties and do not represent the official policy or position of OmniHelp (organization, employees, or company).

How We Share Your Information

We are bound by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). OmniHelp does not sell your personal health information. We never provide your personally identifiable medical information to third parties in exchange for payment.

Like other companies, OmniHelp might use and share the information that you provided to us so that we can provide services to you, run our business (which includes analytics, internal operations, development, change, and optimization of our services and products), communicate with you, and market to you (directly or via third parties). In some instances, we may use the services of third parties to perform these functions. Here are the examples of information (not limited to), we may share with third-party organizations:

  • Market and advertise product and services to you
  • Process your credit and/or debit card information and track payments
  • Send you discount offers, coupons, and communications regarding your account and marketing
  • To store, and analyze data
  • To supplement our data
  • To develop, customize, and enhance our services and products
  • To address and handle patient advocacy support requests

We do not disclose your personal, medical, and other information and your use of our applications and websites, or the data we obtain from third parties regarding you, unless if we are required to by law or we have a good faith belief that such disclosure is necessary to 1) comply with the law or legal proceedings, 2) protect our rights or property, 3) to protect someone’s safety in an emergency. In the future, OmniHelp may transfer its databases of information (including personal information), to a third party that may acquire all, or the majority of our assets or stocks through merger, acquisition, reorganization, or otherwise.


We at OmniHelp try to protect your information with reasonable security safeguards when it comes to the services. We cannot ensure the security of any information transmitted to us over the internet or other electronic means that might be subject to intentional or unintentional leaking or/and hacking. We accept no liability for unintentional or accidental disclosure. Third-Party Services

Our services, webpages, and content may contain information about third parties, and hyperlinks and pointers to other sites and webpages maintained by third parties. Any links or hyperlinks provided in the content may only be used as a reference point to the said information in the content.

We do not control, operate, and endorse these sites or information, product, or services provided in them in any way. Many such sites and services have privacy policies of their own. This privacy policy only covers OmniHelp, its parents, subsidiaries

Accessing Your Information

We offer our patients the right to request certain information and their records. You can only make such a request for information if you are a verifiable user and due to the sensitivity of the information, we will only provide prescription-specific data after you provide us with certain information like (not limited to) BIN, PCN, group number, and member ID. Discontinuation of OmniHelp Use

You are allowed to discontinue the use of our services at any point or juncture. We will still retain your information for record-keeping purposes, to improve our services, to provide you with discounts and marketing material, and to communicate to you any essential information.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We retain the right to change our privacy policy from time to time. In case we do so, we will publish the revised policy on our website. Before you use our services, we welcome you to check the revision date for the privacy policy on top of this page, so that you are updated and know when the policy was last modified.

Once we modify our privacy policy, it comes into effect immediately upon posting on the service. Your continued use of our services and products will be constituted as your agreement to the updated privacy policy and as a contract to abide by the said policy and be bound by it.

We encourage our users to periodically review our privacy policy to keep up to date regarding our latest practices. If you object to any of the updates to the privacy policy or modifications, your only recourse is to stop using our services.

In order to know more about how we operate, we welcome you to read up on our Terms and Conditions as well.

Team OmniHelp