What is Omni Help?

Omni Help is one of the largest online therapy platforms. We make professional therapy accessible, convenient, and affordable – so anyone who struggles with life's problems can get help anytime and anywhere. Now, you don't need to pay hundreds of dollars for your visit to the doctor.

Omni Help works by connecting you to therapists specified by your requirements. You can access board-accredited, qualified doctors with a single tap sitting in the home. All you need to do is sign up, choose the treatment you need, and get matched with a doctor.

How is Omni Help different?

At Omni Help, we strongly believe in delivering transparency. Our base plan includes live video calls, audio calls, and messaging. With all the information upfront and quick access to qualified doctors, you can make healthcare decisions that fit your needs.

Who are our therapists?

Our therapists are licensed, trained, experienced psychologists, clinical social workers, and board licensed professional counsellors.

Can I book a virtual visit with a therapist on Omni Help?

Yes. We offer online consultations via video calls. You can have a face-to-face virtual visit with the provider who has already read your medical history and filled in a questionnaire. You are free to ask questions, get diagnosed, and have prescriptions written for your condition.

Does Omni Help work with insurance?

Omni Help doesn't accept health insurance. You can get our services if you've or don't have insurance at a fraction of the cost of an in-person visit by just paying once upfront.

Can I use Omni Help?

Yes. Anyone living in the USA, woman or man, adult or older, can get our services by paying a subscription fee. We don't entertain children below 18 without their family consent.

Will my information be secure?

Protecting the confidentiality of people in therapy is a primary concern of professionals at Omni Help. We're Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA compliant, and liable to secure your data. Please read our privacy policy to know more about how we protect your data and information.

About Doctors on Omni Help

Are doctors on the Omni Help board certified?

Yes. Omni Help only on-boards the US certified doctors. We employ a policy of thorough vetting before appointing the doctors.

How does Omni Help select its doctors?

We believe in providing top-of-the-line services to our valued clients. The most significant part of our services is connecting you to board-certified, well-trained, and licensed providers. After verifying their data and medical history with all the aspects that make them eligible to be a part of our team, we only work with therapists. If you're not satisfied with your provider, you can request for change anytime.

Can I use Omni Help for medical emergencies?

No. We don't recommend you reach us in case of any medical emergency. For such a situation, call 911 or visit the nearby hospital immediately.

What will Omni Help doctors not treat?

We offer services for mental health conditions and primary care treatment listed on our website. If you're not sure about the symptoms, you can still see a doctor. However, we don't provide advanced patient care and treat medical emergency cases.

About Appointments

How do we handle appointments?

All walk-in patients wait for long hours in waiting rooms. With Omni Help, you can book online appointments when convenient. We offer consultation via video calls, audio, or messaging – regardless of time and location.

What will happen during a video consultation?

During video consultation, you can discuss your symptoms and share your medical history with a qualified provider. Make sure to limit your queries for what purpose you booked an appointment. Only the person who booked consolation can get our services.

What should I do if I am unable to book an appointment?

If you're unable to book an appointment, don't worry. You can contact our help centre, where our support team will book your appointment with professional therapists as per your requirements.

What should I do if the doctor does not join the appointment?

If the doctor doesn’t appear in session, you can reschedule your appointment for other available slots as per your ease.

Can I request a doctor of a specific gender?

Yes. You can request a doctor of a specific gender to cater for your needs.

Where should I get tested if the doctor asks for it?

If your provider suggests specific tests, you can get them done from any nearest lab. You can always return to Omni Help to follow up with the same provider.

About Pricing Plan

How can I pay for the consultation?

You can pay for your online consultation simply with a valid debit card or credit card. We don't accept insurance at the time.

When will Omni Help charge my card?

You will be charged right after having the consultation with a doctor. We charge after providing services and ensure you get quality services.

Does insurance cover my visits?

No. Omni Help does not accept insurance directly, and you can't be reimbursed indirectly by submitting claims for services you receive on Omni Help to your insurance company.

How much does Omni Help cost?

Costs to treat mental health conditions and primary care vary as per your needs. You can get detailed information by reaching our customer support team. Our pricing plan is affordable with no hidden charges.

Is there any membership fee at Omni Help?

No. we don't have any membership fee. You need to pay for each visit individually.

Can I cancel my visit at any time?

Yes. Omni Help offers you an option to cancel your appointment at any time. We serve your healthcare needs at their best, and your convenience is our utmost priority.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

If you have missed your appointment, you can quickly reschedule it by logging into Omni Help.

About Prescriptions

How will I get my prescription?

You can get your prescription once done with online consultation with a doctor. Omni Help can forward the prescription to a pharmacy if you want, or you can download itself by logging in.

Can Omni Help forward my prescription to a pharmacy directly?

Yes. Omni Help can send your prescription directly to the pharmacy of your choice.

Can I get a prescription refilled?

Yes. After a detailed consultation with a doctor, you can refill your prescription, who will examine your condition thoroughly and deem it necessary to have your prescription filled.