What is Main Character Energy?

Main character energy is an attitude where a person lives their life as if they are the hero of a novel or a movie. It means that they prioritize themselves and invest in their own well-being. While this can be a positive thing if it's used for self-care, it can also be harmful if taken to an extreme level.

The concept of main character energy gained popularity during the pandemic after a TikTok video went viral. This idea has particularly resonated with Gen Z, inspiring many young adults to live their lives to the fullest and stand up for themselves. However, if taken too far, the main character's energy can become dangerously close to narcissism, crossing the line into full-on selfishness.

Do you have main character energy? And, more importantly, should you aspire to it?

Characteristics of Main Character Energy

The energy of the main character in the story reflects the traits of a typical fictional film protagonist. The main characteristic of this energy is extraversion, which is characterized by being talkative and assertive. Extraverts can command attention in social settings effortlessly and are often comfortable being the center of attention and engaging with others.

Although having a lot of energy can be advantageous, there is a potential drawback to it - you may become less sensitive to the needs of others. While this may be helpful for people who tend to prioritize others over themselves, it can create problems if one consistently ignores the perspectives and needs of others in favor of their own.

How to Cultivate Main Character Energy

Introverted individuals or those without dominant personalities can develop a strong sense of self. For instance, one can practice by declining to help a friend move because of a prior commitment. Although it may be challenging for those who have always prioritized their friends' needs over their own, saying "no" and observing the outcome can be a valuable experiment. It is likely that your friends will not be upset with you, and even if they are, it is not the end of the world.

To cultivate main character energy without overdoing it, there are other things that you can do.

  • Be the main character of your own story and avoid taking the spotlight from others.
  • It's important to balance your own needs with the needs of others. Avoid being too self-centered, and remember to take time for yourself, as being the center of attention all the time is not necessary.
  • When utilizing main character energy, always stay true to yourself and act in a manner that aligns with your values, even if no one is watching.
  • Take a moment to observe how your actions and words affect those around you. You can also ask for feedback from others to gain insight into how you come across. If the feedback is not positive, make an effort to be more considerate in your interactions with them.

Examples of Main Character Energy in Action

Main character energy can be observed through actions such as running confidently down a bustling city street or dancing in public without concern for the opinions of others. It involves a bold and playful approach to navigating the world.

An individual who is working on a project that they are passionate about, such as writing a book, can utilize their main character's energy to promote themselves. For instance, they may create a professional Instagram page, increase their social media presence, and contact local organizations to inquire about speaking opportunities related to their book. This demonstrates how one can utilize the main character's energy to accomplish their goals.

Are There Downsides to Main Character Energy?

Main character energy can be a powerful tool for empowerment. However, excessive use of this energy may lead to a condition known as main character syndrome. This may result in not allowing others to have the spotlight, which could result in accusations of narcissism. Certain behaviors associated with the main character's energy may be regarded as toxic, whether intentional or not. For instance, if you spend time taking selfies and constantly talking about yourself at a friend's party, your friends may become annoyed with you.

Final Words 

If you desire to manifest a strong and confident persona, that's great, but make sure not to take it too far. Keep in mind that while you are the protagonist of your own story, you are not the protagonist of anyone else's. It's crucial to make space for others in your life, even if it means sharing the limelight sometimes.